Medicare Systems and Services Status

PBS Claims Status

An issue was identified where some claims transmitted via PBS Online Claiming service were incorrectly rejected with R824.

We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

This issue has now been corrected. For claims that have been rejected, pharmacists can:

  • resubmit these claims via PBS Online for reassessment, this should change the rejection to a warning message
  • if resubmission is not successful, rejected claims can be cancelled and re-transmitted
  • pharmacists can disregard W824 while this issue is under further investigation

Status last updated:04/06/2023 5:50 PM

These system status indicators may change during screen refresh intervals and the accuracy of the status may be delayed a few minutes. The information contained in this website is the Services Australia system status.

System status

Status Service Name Message
System operating normally PBS Claims System operating normally


Status Message
System operating normally System operating normally
System is unavailable System is unavailable
System performance is degraded and under investigation System performance is degraded and under investigation
System announcement message generated System announcement message generated